Screaming Tunnel


The legend of The Screaming Tunnel in Katoomba begins with a young girl that met an unfortunate fate. There are a few versions of the story, but each one agrees that that she lived in a farmhouse on the south side of the tunnel. One night her house caught fire, and she fled the building with her clothes ablaze. She reach the tunnel before she fell to the ground, and that is where she perished. Other tales say she was set on fire deliberately by her raging father, or that she was raped and burnt in the tunnel to hide evidence.

The legend says that if you stand in the centre of the tunnel and light a match, the match will go out. You will then hear the screams of the dying girl.

The tunnel’s a popular destination for ghost hunters, and you can take it in as part of a guided tour, if you wish. YouTube hosts many videos of it, though none of them appear to have captured the actual scream. One video does have coyotes in the background, making high-pitched yelps, of the sort that might well sound like screams with a bit of echo.


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